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California Dry Cleaners offer a large range of services, see the list below and if you do not see the service you require, then please ask us first as we may not of listed it.

  1. Alterations
  2. Home Soft Furnishings
  3. Wedding Gowns
  4. Drycleaning / Laundry
  5. Ironing / Pressing
  6. Pickup / Delivery
  7. Same Day Dry Cleaning

Trust us for all your alteration needs!

We want you to always look your best and to be excited when you see what we have done to bring back an “old friend”. We are here to listen to your specific requests and needs for each garment. Our communication and clever tailor will get the job done the first time. If you change your mind we can attempt to try something different based on your feedback.

Anything in your closet will look better on you when it actually fits properly. Sleeve length, excess blousing around the torso, and too much/too little room inside the seat of the shorts can all be adjusted. It’s very likely that you can salvage many of these ill fitting garments in your wardrobe by simply having them altered.

California Drycleaners can clean all household soft furnishings such as:

  • Bed comforters
  • Underblankets
  • Blankets
  • CurtainsBed spreads
  • Pillows
  • Cushions
  • Cushion covers (removable)
  • Lounge covers (removable)
  • Seat covers ( removable)
  • Car seat covers

Other items like blankets and table cloths are cleaned onsite also. Our specialty cleaning experts carefully inspect and read labels for each garment prior to cleaning.

Expert stain removal and spot cleaning is performed when garments require it. Our experts will examine beads, sequins, trims, and dyes to determine the proper technique and cleaning method. If we have concerns about the serviceability of an item due to improper manufacturing, the risks will be discussed with you.

We provide our customers with the finest, although still affordable Wedding Dress cleaning and preservation service. We are fully aware of the emotional value of your precious gown and promise to take great care of it while in our pocession.

Over time we have developed a number of specialist processes designed specifically for wedding dress cleaning services. Each process begins with thorough assessment of the gown and its fabric requirements. If any apparent stains are identified during this initial stage, they are addressed straight away so as to ensure the best possible cleaning results. The main cleaning method will always depend on the type of material used to make your dress.

Due to the time to carry out this process, normal cleaning times are 4 to 6 weeks depending on the size and detail of the gown. Prices start from $90 and will be varied by the same metrics as the cleaning times.

We offer a service where we can vacuum pack your gown to offer greater protection for the future. This service is an extra cost, so please check when dropping your gown in.

When trying to decide what merits dry cleaning, start with the label. When a garment reads “DRY CLEAN ONLY” on the tag you should take that seriously! Also, unless the garment label reads otherwise, you should take acetate, velvet, silk, wool and taffeta to the dry cleaner. Soiled garments with sequins or beading that are delicately sewn will be best taken care of at the dry cleaners.

We have the technology and expertise to safely dry clean or wet clean your garments. We are experts in different fabrics, fibers and dyes. We are also aware that not all of these will do well with the same cleaning process. We consider fabric safety first while cleaning your clothing. We pre-test all trim and dyes before cleaning your garments. Additionally, we take extra care of delicate fabrics such as cashmere silk and velvet, to name a few.

When it comes to superior dry cleaning, we know we have to keep garments separated. We believe in this process because it prevents garments from several types of problems such as redeposition and dye transfer. We want to ensure fabric safety and preservation and to also insure that all soiled garments are cleaned thoroughly.

We want you to trust in our dry cleaning; we understand you may have used other dry cleaners in the past and didn’t receive the best results on your garments. We know how important your appearance is and first impressions last a lifetime and so do visible stains. Customer service failure is not an option nor is anything lower than a superior opinion about us.

Ironing and pressing services, like laundry services, are a great time-saver to a great deal of us. They benefit those people who are busy and simply cannot afford the time to do housework. Often, these people have less time due to workload of employment or their own business, so this service is very welcome. Ironing and pressing services also make life easy for those who detest house cores and offers an escape route for them to channel their energy and time elsewhere.

Today, one can find ironing and pressing services almost everywhere. Most run their businesses in shops. A minority operate from home based environments. Competent companies like California Dry cleaners, will offer pick-up and delivery services as well.

Don't live near Geebung, not a problem, just give us a call and we will let you know where your nearest pickup/delivery point is. We aim to provide convenience so that you can experience our services and not have to go out of your way to do so.

We offer a Same Day service when required. Please enquire prior to booking your items in. Of course this service is direct and can not be offered if you are using one of our agents due to transport transfer between us and them.

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