Care Labelling

This chart is for guidance only and should be read in conjunction with the ACCC Care labelling for Clothing Guide which specifies the mandatory standards for care labelling based on the Australian/New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS) 1957:1998, Textiles— Care labelling with variations and additions made by Consumer Protection Notice No. 25 of 2010.

 In Australia, care instructions must be permanently attached to articles, be written in English, and be appropriate for the care of the article.

 Additional symbols may be used to clarify the instructions but symbols alone are not sufficient. As a minimum, laundering instructions include (in order) four symbols: washing, bleaching, drying, and ironing. Drycleaning instructions include one symbol. Professional Wet Cleaning symbols are included for information only as they are not currently recognised in Australia.


The washtub symbol tells you how the garment should be washed. The number inside the washtub is the maximum wash temperature. A bar underneath the washtub indicates that the garment should have mild treatment or washed using the Permanent Press setting. Two lines underneath the washtub indicate gentle or delicate treatment.


Permanent Press

Delicate Gentle


Hot 95oC

Hot 70oC

Hot 60oC

Hot 50oC



Do Not Wash

Do Not Wring


The triangle symbol used indicates if it is safe to bleach the garment.

Any Bleach (When Needed)

Only Non-Chlorine Bleach (When Needed)

Do Not Bleach


These symbols indicate the type of drying if allowed and what type is to be used.

Tumble Dry Cycles


Permanent Press

Delicate / Gentle

Tumble Dry Settings

Any Heat

High Heat

Medium Heat

Low Heat

No Heat or Air

Air Dry - No Tumble Dry

Line Dry - Hang To Dry

Drip Dry

Dry Flat

Dry In The Shade

Warning Symbols

Do Not Dry

Do Not Tumble Dry


The Iron symbol provides information on how the garment should be ironed. A system of dots indicates the acceptable temperature range for ironing.

Iron Temperature Setting

Hot Iron

Warm Iron

Cool Iron

Warning Symbols

Do Not Iron

Do Not Use Steam


The letters within the circle are intended for professional textile cleaners. They give information on the solvents that can be used during the cleaning process.

The bar below the circle indicates that certain limitations in the dry-cleaning process are required. These may concern mechanical action, addition of moisture, and/or drying temperature.

Any Solvent Except Trichloroethylene

Petroleum Solvent, Liquid Silicone

Any Solvent

Dry clean in accordance with F 

with strict limitation on amount of water,

Reduced mechanical action, Low Drying Temp

Dry clean in accordance with P

with strict limitation

on amount of water,

Reduced mechanical action, Low Drying Temp

Do Not Dryclean

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